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corfu sketches

Corfu Sketches
A thirty-year journey

Corfu's World Heritage Site and villages, as seen through the eyes of an artist who has lived on the island since 1961. Enjoy five walks: along the Tourist Trail; through the Venetian Old Town to the 'Mourayia', the sea walls; to the Jewish Quarter and its synagogue; up the hill to the smart end of town and via the Old Port to the market. Then join in the Easter parade. Visit 30 villages, meet their people and see the work they do. Look carefully, little has changed. This will be a journey you will always treasure.    Read more

“Of great historical importance”  - The Corfiot

greek walls by john waller

Greek Walls
An odyssey in Corfu

"It is said that it is best to see an island from the sea. It is like seeing a girl from a distance. As you get closer her features become clearer: the curves of the mountains, the colors of the hills and the sparkle of the windows in little houses, woken by the rising sun.
Nothing could have been better than the sight of Corfu as Jannie and I sailed on the Brindisi ferry through the Corfu Channel early on a June morning in 1966..."    Read more.

"Wildly entertaining" - Evening Standard

corfu sunset by john waller

Corfu Sunset
Avrio never comes

"My first job is to check that George 'Pink Palace' Grammenos has moved his water pipes from my land where the bulldozer will be constructing the road. Not surprisingly, the pipes are still there, just as they were six weeks ago, when he promised to move them to the empty olive grove next door.
"Avrio!" he had said. Tomorrow!
I go ballistic. Nobody, but nobody, is going to delay the project. If he won't remove them I'll just cut them and throw them next door."    Read more

"Essential reading" - Daily Mail

the papas and the englishman

The Papas and the Englishman
From Corfu to Zagoria

"When we first announced our intention of buying a house and living in Zagoria, a virtually unknown area of Greece close to the Albanian border, our friends looked at us askance. Clearly they were thinking, "They’re crazed with the spell of far Zagoria. It has stolen their wits away!" Well, if our wits have been ‘stolen away’ we can only say we are a good deal happier without them. Our life here, in the village of Koukouli, could not be more contented, more rewarding and trouble free. This is the story of our search for an idyll which, unlike most Holy Grails, we eventually found and held on to. As with all stories it has a beginning and, in our case, that beginning happens to be in Corfu. So, read on – come with us on our quest and delight with us, witless as we are, in that quest’s end."    Read more

"What makes this different from other "No Going Back" sagas is how the authors have engaged with their neighbours and helped keep an isolated community alive." - Marc Dubin, co-author, Rough Guide to Greece


 Corfu Kart Postal,click to enlargeCORFU DEPICTED IN YESTERYEARS'S POSTCARDS No1
Yiannis Petsalis
The book is adorned with many old postcards, from Yiannis Petsalis's personal collection and unfolds for us memories of our chilhood years- and not only those-revealing the history and the culture of Corfu.

Publisher Fagotto
PRICE: € 25.00
DIMENSION: 24x17 - PAGES: 160
ISBN: 978-960-6685-15-6

 Corfu Kart Postal2,click to enlargeCORFU DEPICTED IN YESTERYEARS'S POSTCARDS No2
Yiannis Petsalis
The book is adorned with many old postcards, from Yiannis Petsalis's personal collection and unfolds for us memories of our chilhood years- and not only those-revealing the history and the culture of Corfu.

Publisher Fagotto

 Corfu Kart Postal2,click to enlargeCORFU EASTER

Publisher Fagotto




 Corfu Kart Postal2,click to enlargeAuthentic Greek Cooking

“The dishes of Greek cookery, in particular those that constitute its identity, are largely unknown to the broader public. This is not the book in which to find the recipes usually contained in such publications, such as moussaka, stuffed vegetables or horiatiki salad, mainly because they are already well known and almost identified with a tourist’s perception of Greek cuisine.From the vast wealth of recipes I have recorded in the systematic research I have been conducting over the past fourteen years all over the country, I selected (with great difficulty, I have to admit) those presented in this book for their quality of taste as well as for what I consider to be their representativeness of the identity of Greek food. I call them authentic because they are not my own recipes, they were not concocted by myself and are transcribed exactly as I wrote them down. Wherever I have added something it is specifically mentioned in the introduction to the recipe. I have tried and tested them, cooking them over and over again, so that I am sure you will have no difficulty in making them"

Publisher Fagotto

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