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Following some recipes from the Corfiot cuisine

Bourdeto (for 4 people)

1 kg of fish ­,
1 big onion, a cup of olive oil,
2 big spoonfuls of sweet paprika, chillies and salt.

We fine-cut the onion and we boil in the olive oil and the pepper for thirty minutes­.
We add the fish and we add the necessary water; we boil for about 20 minutes, until it is left only in the oil. In the end we add the juice of 2 lemons­.

Pastitsada (for 4 people)

1 kg of beef,
1 cup of oil and a little butter,
1 big ­onion,
10 cloves of garlic,
big mature tomatoes,
a piece of cinnamon,
a leaf of laurel,
salt, pepper,
a little vinegar,
a little sugar.

We the cut the meat in middle-sized pieces and we brown it.
We take the meat out of the pan ­and we brown the crushed onion and garlic ­.
We put the meat back in the pan and we add the vinegar, add the ­ other ingredients and boil for about an hour.
In a deep kettle we boil pasta (No 3) and after we strain them, we put the meat and half of the sauce in a deep bowl and we add the boiled and strained pasta.

Sofrito (for 4 people)

1 kg of meat,
a clove of garlic,
1 bunch of parsley,
1 small cup of vinegar,
1 cup of olive oil and extra oil for frying,
a little flour and pepper.

We cut the meat into fine pieces and we flour them.
We fry the slices of the meat and we finish with the vinegar.
We put neatly the ­ meat in a shallow pan and we add the parsley, finely cut, the garlic and the oil on top of everything.
We cook gently in a little water and we shake the pan quite often.

Stiphado (for 4 people)

A rabbit, cut in pieces,
1 kg of small onions,
2 spoonfuls of tomato paste,
olive oil,

We marinate the rabbit in the vinegar and laurel for 12 hours.
We strain the rabbit in a shallow pan, we brown the onions and the meat in separate pans­.
We finish browning the meat by adding the wine.
We add the spices, we cover the meat with water and we let it cook gently.
When half the water evaporates, we add the onions, the tomato paste and the salt and we cook ­ until it is left only with the oil.

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