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The wider region of Corfu (Corfu, Paxos, Othoni, Erikousa , Mathraki) is a sight , a living museum of history, culture and nature .

A piece of history traveling in the sea.

No matter where you turn, you are bound to see images whose origins can be traced in old times . History , culture and traditions are carefully kept in museums and well cared for collections . Rare and original exhibits , traces and leads of a distant voyage through time , are preserved with respect and moments of the past come back to life before the eyes of the visitor .

Downtown Corfu you will find important museums ; the historic center of Corfu was declared one of the UNESCO Monuments of World Cultural Heritage in the summer 2007 and is itself the most important sight of the island.

The past of Corfu is right here, before your eyes, at the city palace, , the two fortresses ,on traditional buildings and mansions , very easily accessible and evident .

The richest historical collection is at the Archaeological Museum , where the predominant exhibit is the stunning 6th century BC Gorgo gable.

The Museum of Far Eastern Art , the only one of its kind in Greece and one of the finest in Europe is housed in the Palace of Saints Michael and George, and constitutes the most important monument of the period of the British rule.

An Orthodox church of the 15th century, dedicated to Virgin Mary Antivouniotissa , has been turned into a Museum, to house the religious expression of the Byzantine tradition , combined with the influence from the west.

A little after that, there is the house of Dionysios Solomos, National Poet of Greece, and it is home to the museum bearing his name, as well as to the significant Corfu Studies Society.

The historic building of the Ionic Bank has been home, since 1981, of the Banknote Museum, unique for Greece and one of the most interesting worldwide .

The hacienda of Mon Repos , in the splendid park of Palaiopolis , houses part of the Archaeological Museum with exhibits from the ancient town of Corfu.

In the villages and the nearby islands you will visit museums which present the history, the people, the popular art, customs and traditions of the places.

The Historic Folklore Museum of Messi is housed in a well preserved 19th century cottage and it contains really rich collections of traditional clothes from Corfu, everyday life items, tools, cooking utensils, and home and professional items( Sinarades ).

The Olives Museum is housed in a perfectly preserved oil mill of the early 20th century, and it displays a rich collection of tools and means for the elaboration of oils and the extraction of olive oil( Kinopiastes ).

The Kapodistrias Museum , with an exhibition of personal items of Ioannis Kapodistrias, a Minister of the Ionian State, the first autonomous State to be founded on Greek territory , Foreign Affairs Minister of Russia , one of the main contributors to the Swiss Constitution and the first Governor of Greece( Evropouli ).

At Benitses village, a few km outside Corfu town, there is the Sea Museum , which displays the wealth of the sea .

The Folk Museum of Paxos displays a local house and really interesting exhibits, that portray the living conditions in a local house during the past centuries( Gai, Paxos ).


Archaeological Museum

Click to Enlarge,The_Gorgon_at_Corfu_Museum



  • Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Ages.
  • Collections and exhibits: Statues, gables, pots of copper or marble, burial findings and trivia.

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Banknotes Museum

Click to Enlarge,The  BANKNOTE Corfu Museum The Banknotes Museum is unique in Greece and one of the few around the world .

  • Collections and exhibits: Banknotes issued from 1839 till 1920 , the first banknote of Greece,
  • Chinese banknotes of 1300 BC, considered to be of the most ancient in the world
  • Postwar banknotes from other countries , documents, seals, photographs, coins etc.

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Byzantine Museum of Corfu
Click to Enlarge,Byzantine Museum of  Corfu

  • The museum is housed in the Church of Virgin Mary Antivouniotissa (15th century).
  • Collections and exhibits: Icons and ecclesiastic items from the 15th to the 19th century.

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Ceramics Museum

The Ceramics Museum houses a large variety of ceramics from Corfu.

  • Collections and exhibits: Everyday use ceramics and folklore items. 

New Fortress - English Barracks, 49100 Corfu, Tel: 26610 27370

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Folklore Museum of Paxos

The Folklore Museum of Paxos, which represents a house of the early 20th century, contains   exhibits , which demonstrate the living conditions at Paxos.

Gaios, 49082  Paxos, Tel:26620 32566.

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Historic Folkloric Museum of Messi, Corfu

The exhibits of the museum concern the everyday life and tradition of the residents of the villages of Corfu in the 19th century.

  • Collections and exhibits: Furniture, handicraft, kitchen utensils, the inside of a house, tools, musical instruments, clothes.

Sinarades village, 49084 Corfu, Tel: 26610 54962

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Kapodistrias Museum

The exhibits of the museum were donated by Maria Desylla - Kapodistria , who was the Mayor of Corfu (1956-1959), and the first woman ever to be elected Mayor in Greece .

  • Collections and exhibits: Furniture and heirlooms of the time, personal items of Ioannis Kapodistrias , who was the Foreign Affairs Minister of Russia and the first Governor of Greece .

Evropouloi, 49100  Corfu, Tel: 26610 39528

Mon-Repos Museum

Click to Enlarge,Mon Repo  Museum Corfu The Mon-Repos palace, in the splendid forest of Palaiopolis , is part of the Archaeologic Museum with findings from the ancient town of Corfu

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Museum of Far-Eastern Art

Click to Enlarge,Asian   Museum,Corfu It contains wonderful collections from countries of the Far East . This building was the headquarters of the British Army Staff , the headquarters of the Ionian Senate , and the summer residence of the Royal Family of Greece.

  • Collections and exhibits: Chinese items from the Mingh , Soungh , Cheu, Chan, Wei, Ching dynasties.
  • Japanese items, like weapons and masks.
  • Objects from Pakistan , India, Nepal, Thibet, Cambodia, Corea, Thailand and Siam .
  • Furniture, portraits, medals, paintings, small items of the presidents of the Ionian Senate and heirlooms.

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Olive tree Museum

Click to Enlarge,Olive Museum Olive tree museum is housed in a perfectly preserved olive mill of the early 20th century and it has got a large collection of tools and means for the elaboration of olives for the production of olive oil, as well as tools of the region's farmers .

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Sea Museum
Click to Enlarge,Sea  Museum

The museum has received a merit from the Research Institute I.R.E.D.A. of italy .

  • Collections and exhibits: sea-shells, fossils, sponges, corals, embalmed fish, lobsters, crab, smakes, sharks and jaws, sea urchins etc. from the Indian and Pacific Oceans, as well as from the Mediterranean Sea

Benitses, 49084 Corfu, Tel: 26610 72227

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Serbian Museum

Click to Enlarge, Serbs Corfu Museum

  • Collections and exhibits: Military equipment, uniforms, flags, medals, religious relics and other small items of the Serbian army , who sought refuge in Corfu during World War I .


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Solomos Museum
Click to Enlarge,Solomos Museum

The museum is to honor the national poet of Greece, who lived part of his life and died in that house in Corfu house. Solomos was a significant personality of his time , affecting not only the Greek revolution , but also the Italian revolution (Manzini, Emilio & Attilio Bandiera ).

  • Collections and exhibits: Furniture, portraits, photographs and personal items of Dionysios Solomos.

1, Arseniou St., 49100 Corfu, Tel: 26610 30674

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