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Just a few miles away, but quite far from the madding crowd , the isles around Corfu are known for their quiet and social lifestyle, as they are a very good alternative to those that seek peace and quiet for their holidays or for a peaceful day trip.

Green Paxos, with the impressive caves at the Western coast, the almost desert AntiPaxos with the emerald water, the pretty isles Othoni, Erikousa and Mathraki, as well as the protected natural environment of Vidos just across Corfu Town, make visitors realize that they are in a uniquely virgin nature. Picturesque settlements, paths , traditional taverns and crystal sea make up a " different " suggestion for heavenly holidays , freedom and wandering in a blessed natural environment. Desert islands challenge you on an " adventure " on a boat from a neaby beach. It's worth the risk!

Click to Enlarge,Vido

The island Vidos is situated appr. a mile off the north-eastern part of Corfu town. Its surface is 538.000m2 and its shape in triangular , with the large part facing the coasts of Mainland Greece.

Vido island,copyrights:View/Copy/Print but not PublishIts port faces Corfu town. This port provides connection with the port of Corfu, with regular boats ( every thirty minutes in the summer, from 07:00 till 24:30 or even later).

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Pontikonissi and Vlachairena
Click to Enlarge,Pontikonissi and Vlachairena

Pontikonisi,Click to Enlarge Uninhabited today. Used to house a monastery . Today, ,  there is a chapel here, devoted to The Transfiguration of Christ . Boats will take you there either from Kanoni, outside the monastery of Vlacherena, or from Perama. You can also swim there (10 minutes) from the coast of Perama.

Vlacherena. (Virgin Mary of Vlacherna)
Vlacherena,Click to Enlarge The most typical sight of Corfu. It used to house a women's monastery until the 1980s. Today, you can visit the Chapel of Virgin Mary of Vlacherna, as well as the monastery. You can go there on foot from Kanoni . (You can go from Corfu to Kanoni by a blue bus line.)

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Lazareto (Agios Dimitrios)
Click to Enlarge,Lazareto (Agios  Dimitrios)

Lazareto, a small, uninhabited island is in the large bay of Corfu, 2 miles to the Noerth from Corfu town. Its official name is Agios DImitrios . In the Venetian period (early 16th century) it was a monastery place and it was also uses as a quarantine for the ship that approached Corfu and later on as a leper-house . This last use gave it the name Lazareto , which was quite common for such places in different periods under Venetian rule.(The first hospitals for the leprous were founded right after the Crusades and were devoted th Saint Lazarus, from the relative episode of the Holy Bible; they were therefore called Lazzeretto or Lazzaretto)

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Desert islands around Corfu
Click to Enlarge,Desert islands  around Corfu

Corfu archipelago is dread with uninhabited isles and cliffs , some of which are really interesting and pretty . Some of them can be visited relatively easily, like Diaplos, where you can go after swimming for an hour . Ypu can visit most of them of you rent a boat from the nearest coast. On some of these isles it would be a good idea to have a pic-nic . Some of them are home to wild goats and others cannot be accessed

We are mentioning below some of them:

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Isles and reefs of Paxos
Click to Enlarge,Isles and reefs of Paxos

The islands complex Paxos-AntiPaxos consists of 6 larger and a few smaller isles and scattered uninhabited   isles , some of which are of a particular interest and beauty . Some of them can be easily visited   as they are within a distance less than 50 m.

You can visit most of them if you rent a boat . On some of these isles it would be a good idea to have a pic-nic . Some of them are home to wild goats or cottages have been constructed there.

We are mentioning below some of them:

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