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It is the Westernmost part of Greece; it is a small heavenly place, with  scattered settlements, a few rented houses, a couple of taverna's around the port, relics of Venetian fortresses and a sensation of absolute serenity. Othoni is the biggest of the isles to the north of Corfu.

You can wander in the cobbled streets with the traditional houses, the old churches, the relics of the Venetian fortress and enjoy the enchanting view. The scenery with hills up to 393 meters offers endless possibilities for trekking. Rent a boat for the beach with the emerald water and the sea cave where, as myth has it, nymph Kalypso had imprisoned Ulysses.

On the island there is a police station and a port authority office, as well as a local GP.

Access - Ports - Helideck
Click to Enlarge,Access - Ports -  Helideck On the island there is
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Useful information and phone numbers at Othoni

Click to Enlarge,TRANSPORTATION AT  Othoni

1] From Corfu town by ...

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Social life of the Othonians
Click to Enlarge,Social life of the  Othonians On the island there are 4 churches
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Click to Enlarge,FOLKLORE OF  Othoni The Othonians were ...
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Landmarks at Othoni
Click to Enlarge,Landmarks at  Othoni

‘Ammos’, which is the capital ...

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Click to Enlarge,NATURE -  BEACHES Othoni has got a very rich flora ...
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Monuments of Othoni
Click to Enlarge,Monuments of  Othoni At the Kastri location, ...
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History of Othoni
Click to Enlarge,History of  Othoni

In the 3rd century BC, Hesychius ...

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Mythology of Othoni
Click to Enlarge,Mythology of Othoni Hesychius mentions that Othoni ...
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Othoni is the westernmost part of Greece, with coordinates 39’ 50’ 59.10 Latitude and 19’ 24’ 08.61 Longitude.

It belongs to the prefecture of Corfu and it is a separate administrative community.

Its distance to the northern shores of Corfu [Agios Stephanos port] is 12 miles. The distance from Corfu town is 36 miles. The distance from ‘Mathraki’ 6 miles and from ‘Erikousa’ 8 miles. From the Italian cape Santa Maria di Leuca the distance is 42 miles and from the Albanian cape Linguetta 38 miles.
The archipel of Othoni consists of 44 isles, with names like Petalides (complex of 5 isles), Kartsinia (3 isles), Garbino, Kastrino, Partheno, Ostrako, Othoni … and more.
Othoni is the largest of the islands to the north of Corfu (Diapontian Islands), with a surface of 10,45 sq. km., length of appr. 5,6 km, max. width appr. 3,6 km and perimeter of 30 km.

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