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The Othonians were splendid sailors, and, taking advantage of their island's geographical position, they were particularly dynamic tradesmen, expanding their activities as fas as Marseille . The Othonians managed to have a whole merchand fleet of different kinds of 50 sailing boats, which used Kamini gulf for a port.
At difficult times for the rest of Greece, the Othonians were prosperous. Unfortunately for them, the introduction of steamboats was the end of this brilliant period.
Even today, there are pretty houses on the island , the material for which, i.e. roof tiles, have been imported ’ directly from the ports of Western Europe.
As long as the men of the family were traveling, the other members were busy with agriculture and stockraising.
Their skills , along with the fertile land and the good climate, resulted in the island being independent in different kinds of food, like fruit, cereal [there used to be three windmills on the island, of which we now have only the relics of one near ‘Damaskatika’ settlement], wine and some 200 tons of olive oil every two years from 28 horse-drawn olive mills [later on limited to 4 mechanically operated mills and even later to 3 electrically powered]; here the locals would ‘mill ’ olives of the island's 36.000 olive trees and their plantation had been subsidized by the Venetians. Fish was another sounce of food generously offered to the Othonian families.
Even when the fleet didn't exist any more, the Othonians kept on doing their original jobs, as members of the crew of ship that travelled around the world.
In the 1850s thw Othonians started emigrating to the USA at first and then to Argentina and Australia. Despite all this, during World War II, Othoni had a population of some 800 people.
Later on, immigration to the USA became more intensive, especially in the 1960s-1970s.
Even today a large number of Othonians live in the USA, and there live today many 3rd and 4th generation Othonian immigrants. Those that return, and there are many people whi do it, settle down in Corfu town, but they visit their island quite often, where they renovate/ preserve their parents' houses or they build new ones. The permanent residents at winter are only 120, but the population increases largely in the summer. The dressing of the residents of the Diapontians today is simple and of western style. In older times, it had some special traits, many of which were common with those of the Corfu countryside.

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