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Landmarks at Othoni
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‘Ammos’, which is the capital ...

‘Ammos’, which is the capital of the island, gathers almost all stores [ restaurants , bars , mini-markets ], thw only hotel , the rooms to rent as well as the authorities [police station - port authorities–, GP, administration office–and the 1st primary school]. Ammos beach is sandy and beautiful .
Fishing lovers should pay a morning visit to the fishing station at ‘ Avlakia’ when the fishermen come back into the port and clean their nets or longlines of the fish.

All villages here are particularly interesting, but Vitsentziatika [Capo Vicenzo] is one of the most impressive.
Built on a steep slope of ‘ Merovigli ’ mountain , with a wonderful view over the largest part of the island, as well as over the Ionian Sea, Albania, Erikousa , Mathraki and the northern coast of Corfu, ’ ‘’ most of the constructions here have been created with stone, in a complete harmony with the environment.
For those of you who like exciting activities, climbing to the top of ‘Merovigli ’ mountain is bound to reward you with a view even better than that of Vitsentziatika‘’ as from here you can see all island, Albania to the east and the endless blue Ionian Sea and Italy to the west.

A visit at the lighthouse is for most people a unique experience since they are not really likely to have visited such a big and important lighthouse. The lighthouse is now electrical, like all lighthouses, however at the groundfloor the old reflector is kept, which is a small construction miracle .
At a short distance there is the old Venetian fortress, Kastri, which, however small, is interesting, as it has been built on a steep precipice tens of meters high.
Facing ‘Kastri‘ there are two sea-beaten desrt islands ,’ Ostrako’ and‘Kastrino’, which locals call ‘Marathopetra’ and ‘Loufopetra,’ connected with traditions of stoned ship.

A visit to the facilities of OTE, the public communications network at the ‘small Merovigli’ 298 metres high, at the westernmost mountain of Greece, besides the stunning view , is bound to cause strange feelings to visitors, as it is the last part of Greek land to the northwest, the last piece pf Greece before western Europe.
At night, when the atmosphere is clear, you can see the lights of south Italy from here.
On the way from ‘Ammos’ at ‘Chorio’ [ 9 km], you get the chance to visit every church on the island .

On the same way and near the church of ‘Virgin Mary’ you have to stop above the beach ‘ Xyloxyrmoi’ , on the top of a steep cliff hundreds of meters high, which is the only point from which you can contemplate the wild view of the northern coast of the island. You will have right before you the beach ‘Xylosyrmoi’ with blue-green water, the isle ‘Koukouli’ and different seagull flying several meters lower than the point at which you are standing, and of course the endless blue Ionian sea in the broad horizon.

The reason for which this beach was called ‘Xylosyrmoi ’ is that the people of Othoni, who wanted to transfer south the pine tree trunks, that were in abundance at the northern part of the island [before the big wild fire], would throw them off the top of the cliff and down to the beach; then, it was quite easy to attach them to boats and tow them to the desired destination.

The cave of Calypso
Finally, the sea route to the cave of Calypso is popular with many people, as after τον ‘ Ammos’ we come across cape ‘Stroggyladi’ with granate shores, with a complete absence of vegetation, due to the continuous sea-beat. This is a natural phenomenon, which has contributed to the creation of splendid natural shapes, like a big stone bridge or even a huge opening - passage through the granate rock, such a big one, that fishing boats pass through it. Moreover, this route passes by the place where seals used to dwell, before they perish, some years ago.
A swim at ‘Aspri Ammos’ or inside the cave of Calypso, in the absolute peace and the crystal water is indeed a wonderful feeling.
We recommend that you continue sailing by the huge steep rocks, which have been shaped by the forces of nature, until you can see the turquoise water of ‘Xylosyrmoi ’ beach, the north-westernmost beach of Greece.
The round of the island by boat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience .

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