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Strolls through cypress trees , lentisks and heathers , indulging in the scent of wild herbs , beaches hidden in vegetation. Erikousa welcomes you .

It is 6 miles north of cape Drastis of Northern Corfu and it is the northernmost of the isles north of Corfu. It probably ows its name to the bush heather , which abandons here and which blossoms in October with pink/mauve flowers with a sweet characteristic scent . The highest peak of the isle is Merovigli , with height 120m.

The isle is full of olive trees and cypress trees. The sights of the island are the traditional Oil mills , which produce to this day olive oil in the traditional way , the churches with the stone belltowers and the traditional settlements. However, in reality, the most important sight of the island are its wonderful beaches .

You will get here by regular ships from Corfu and from Sidari as well as by fishing boats and excursion boats from most shores of the northern part of Corfu.






Where Green Meets Blue

Nestled amongst the Diapondia Islands, just north of Corfu, lies your next destination, Erikousa.
Here you will be immersed in green luxuriant land, blue clear sky and pristine sea. You will delve into unexplored beaches and blooming vegetation. The singing of the birds and the rustling of the trees will escort you on your strolls across the island, while the herbs and the perfume of the wild flowers will be your fellow travelers.
The journey of the eye across the land covered with cypress trees, heath, myrtle, rosemary, olive trees and wild flowers will leave you convinced that you are living a fantasy. Only the sight of the sea will remind you that you are on an earthly paradise.

Where Peace Meets Vitality

The most beautiful beaches of the island are those in Porto, bustling and bright and Braghini, sandy and verdant. In Braghini you will find peaceful beauty. You can visit it both by a swim onto its sea shore and a walk through Paliokaliva village. Trees populate the shore and the only lighthouse on the island marks its sea. Here, a meeting with celebrities is not extraordinary.
In Porto you will find the port, bustling with energy as its location by the harbor makes it popular with visitors. Here, you will see the ruins of the old windmill on the top of a hill. Behind it you will find the Primary School and the churches of Saint Nicholas and Holy Trinity with the renown stone-carved belfry, a piece of art.

A Brief History

In Erikousa time seems to stand still but there is a brief documented history behind this timeless utopia.
As early as 1AD and 2AD Plinius and Ptolemy referred to the island as Ericusa. The island is also referenced on old foreign maps with the name Marlera, derived from Mare (sea). The island was said to be once deserted and later reinhabited by families coming from Paxos. According to a medieval sailing chart (portolano) the island had already been inhabited towards the end of the 15th century or the beginning of the 16th century as the chart refers to the island’s church and the location where “ships anchor on the side of the south winds ….. and the well lies outside the church square.” Years ago the island was also referred to as Riki, after the scented heath growing everywhere on the island, even on the beaches, most likely indicating the origin of its name.

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