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Real estate market for permanent or temporary stay

Corfu, Nature, click to  enlarge If you wish to escape from your current lifestyle and improve the quality of your standard of living, Corfu and the nearby islands can offer you: a wonderful climate , one of the best cuisines in the world, a slower pace of living , and investment opportunities.


If you wish to make purchases and investments in Corfu and the nearby islands, they can satisfy all your demands.

Corfu,  Nature, click to enlarge One of the most famous Mediterranean destinations with over 100 km of coastline, suprises pleasantly its visitors. The variety in the landscape, the wealth of the historic monuments and places, the contrast betwen cosmopolitan resorts and agricultural areas, Corfu is a perfect place to make your home. The breeze which blows through the perennial olive trees, the land which nurtures a luxuriant vegetation, the magnificent mountains, the silent shadowy forests and the clear sea, as well as the proud friendly and welcoming inhabitants, create a wonderful frame for you to create a home for permanent or temporary stay .

Corfu,  People, click to enlargeThe people here are very friendly and cosmopolitan , therefore it shouldn't be hard for you to become part of the local community. The language isn't a problem here, as most locals can speak English to a certain level and many of them are fluent in English, German and Italian. Of course it will be more than welcome if you try to speak some Greek, as the locals will feel flattered and will give you love in return .

If you spend some time in Corfu , Paxos or Othoni, Erikousa and Mathraki , discovering the beauty of the islands and the welcoming nature of the people and the mild climate , you might as well decide to become more permanently involved with the islands.

Corfu, House, click to enlarge Regardless if you wish to enjoy frequent vacation , or to spend some months here and the rest of the year in your country, or because you really want to change your whole lifestyle and become a member of the Corfiot society .

Purchase procedure

All EU citizens can purchase property in Corfu, Paxos, Othoni, Erikousa or Mathraki without any restrictions, with exception to few regions next to military facilities, where ownership is restricted. Lawyers from other countries cannot complette the whole procedure, unless they cooperate with an office of Greek lawyers.

After having selected the property, you usually have to pay a small deposit. According to the Greek law, you are entitled to double compensation, in case the current owner doesn't perform the sale. In the weeks to follow, the lawyers will examine all the documents, and after they make sure that everything is OK, you will proceed with the completion of the purchase. Upon completion, the purchase has to be registered at a special public authority, which is in charge for keeping the history of all properties.

Power and Water supplies

When you complete the purchase, your lawyer will settle the electricity and water bills, which are now registered to you.

Mortgages and Loans

There are special international bureaus which can handle mortgages of foreigners in Greece. There are loans which can correspond up to 75% of the estimated price or of the price of purchase, and to at least 20,000 for the United Kingdom.

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