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Natura regions- Alyki Lefkimmis

Until just a few years ago the region around this wetland was a salt marsh , however it closed down in 1988 . Ever since then, a lot of changes have taken place. The information that we have on the flaura and the vegetation of this region id scarse, and it only concerns the vegetation of the sandy beaches; however, it is the home of interesting species of flora and several types of vegetation. Both flaura and vegetation are characterized by the predominance of foreign species , such as Arthocnemum glaucum , A. fruticosum , Halocnemum strobilaceum, Scoenchus nigricans, Juncus subulatus, Salicornia europaea, Cakile maritima, Salsola kali etc.

We need to note that sandy beaches are only a small part of the wetland, therefore the biodiversity of the region isn't limited only to the few types of vegetation that we mentioned before. The lagoon part, the wet and salty meadows, the small streams ang the adjacent hills with the typical well-known species of vegetation ( Arbutus sp., Erica sp., Quercus coccifera, Pistacia len tiscus ..), are really important for the structure and the function of the ecosystem.


If we take into account the fact that this region is the home to one of the few wetlands still remaining in Corfu, that the kinds of vegetation that exist on the dunes and on the wet and salty meadows have been preserved in good state and that tourism and related acyivities have spread all along the sandy shores of Corfu, we will realise that this region has to be protected and treated in a special way, with regard to the principles of sustainable development (ecotourism, traditional agriculture and stockraising etc). Finally, we need to point out that regions like this seem to have become "shelters", not just for bird and animal species, but also for several plant species, i.e. Orchidaceae . It is believed that several plant species that used to exist in the regions that are covered by olive groves today, have only survived in open, uncultivated areasm like this region.

Name of region *: ALYKI LEFKIMMIS (CORFU)

Area Code:
Geographic longitude:
    20o 04
Geographic latitude:
    39o 27
Administrative region:
    Ionian Islands
Medium Altitude (m):
Surface (ha):

Types of habitats:

Annual vegetation of Salicornia and other species of the muddy and sandy areas, Mediterranean salt meadows (Juncetalia maritimi), Mediterranean and thermo-Atlantic halophilous scrubs (Arthrocnemetalia fruticosae), Embryonic shifting dunes.

Animal species:

Elaphe quatuorlineata, Callimorpha quadripunctata.

Complete list European Environment Agency - EUNIS

Other important species:

-Flaura: 1B, 3D
-Fauna: 42B, 11C, 11D

Consequences/ Action:

-Positive: -
-Neutral: -
-Neutral: 141, 180, 230, 608, 623, 701, 790, 920 (IN) / 110, 120, 401 (AR)

Protection status:

-National and regional level: -
-International level: -

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