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Natura Regions - Korission Lagoon

naura_gr2230002This region is at the southwestern shores of Corfu. On the sandy beaches near the lagoon and particularly at the southern part of the region there is the unique for the region cedar woods as well as the rocky dunes , which create a unique landscape , with unprecedented looks . The region includes Korission lake (the argest of Corfu), the coastal area of the lake, as well as seashore regions, characterized by various types of Mediterranean vegetation

The most important place in the region seems to be a narrow strip of land which separates the Korission lake from the sea. Thi region is a composite and almost undisturbed ecosystem .

Name of region *: KORISSION LAGOON (CORFU)

Area code:
Geographic longitude:
    19o 55
Geographic latitude:
    39o 27
Administrative region:
    Ionian Islands
Average height (m):
Surface (ha):


Korission lake is a composite and well-preserved ecosystem, of a high aesthetic, biological and economic value . Its importance is even larger, since it happens on an island, like Corfu, whose natural environment has been severely affected by the tourist development. As the mainest wetland on the island, it is an important region for the protection of wildlife, particularly for the protection of the avifauna , as well as for the preservation of the spontaneous vegetation of the region.

Types of habitats:

Muddy and sandy flat regions, revealed at low-tide, Lagoons, one-year vegetation of Salicornia and other species that grow in the muddy and sandy regions, salty-water thickets of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic ocean ( Arthrocnemetalia fruticosae ), Embryonic shifting dunes, Thickets of the beach with Junipers ( Juniperus spp .), Brushwood Sarcopoterium spinosum .

Animal species:

Testudo hermanni, Emys orbicularis, Mauremys caspica, Aphanius fasciatus, Valencia hispanica, Callimorpha quadripunctata.

Other important species:

-Flaura: -
-Fauna: 2A, 42B, 20C, 11D.

Complete list  European Environment Agency - ŇUNIS

Consequences/ Action:

-Positive: -
-Neutral: 302, 690 (IN)
-Negative: 140, 200, 211, 230, 401, 421, 710, 790 (IN)

Protection status:

-National and regional level: Quarry shelter.
-International level: -

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