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Lefkimmi (Rigglades, Anaplades, Melikia, Potami)
Click to Enlarge,Lefkimmi (Rigglades,  Anaplades, Melikia, Potami)

Lefkimmi is a large village at south Corfu and it resulted from the unification of traditional villages and settlements with the names Rigglades , Anaplades , Agioi Theodoroi , Potami and Melikia . Each of these villages has its own important history and it i worth walking around and enjoying yourselves here .

It is 40 kilometres south of Corfu town and the airport and near the tourist resort of Kavos .

Lefkimmi  Map,copyrights:View/Copy/Print but not Publish It is remarkable that the linguistic item " Lefk " is found at three place-names of the wider region and one should say that they stand as landmarks on the ancient sea way towards Sicily and the West. We have the island " Lefk-ada ", the southern extremity of Corfu " Lefk-immi " and the southeastern edge of Italy " Lefk-a - Leuca " (in Greek eu=ef or ev).

Lafkimmi ,copyrights:View/Copy/Print but not PublishAt Rigglades with the traditional houses and the mansions of a particular local architecture, you will feel the deep Byzantine roots , you will discover on the walls and the narrow streets the remains of the Middle Ages .


 At Anaplades (which is today one and the same village with Rigglades) you will trace down the anxiety and the relief of the refugees who arrived here in the 1540s , when the Turks conquered Nafplio (or Anapli ) and the Venetians moved here soldiers and refugees .


At Melikia you will discover houses and mansions that date back to the 15th century and don't ommit to visit the church of Agios Isavros with unique frescoes and icons of the 16th century .

Lefkimmi Potami,copyrights:View/Copy/Print but not Publish At Potami, with the channel which serves as a haven for the local boats, you will enjoy not only a nice walk, but also traditional dishes at the small, but so special taverns .



Lafkimmi ,copyrights:View/Copy/Print but not Publish All over Lefkimmi, note the two-storey mansions , the arched houses and search for the traditional cobbled streets , with rounded stones artistically combined by old craftsmen .



Lefkimmi Alikes,copyrights:View/Copy/Print but not Publish From Rigglades, a road will take you to the touristically and environmentally important Alykes of Lefkimmi (Natura 2000).

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None can doubt the veracity of this airctle.


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